Ma’at is the core concept of Akiri thought; it is the force of harmony, truth, wisdom and law. All of an Akiri’s actions are devoted to maintaining Ma’at in his life, to make his own corner of the world peaceful and orderly. Ma’at is a universal force; indeed, it is the force that maintains the very cosmos. Each individual contributes his or her own Ma’at, adding to the harmony of the community, and through that, the order of the universe. Ma’at is not a force of good in the strict sense; it is a necessity for life. Only in an orderly, harmonious world can life flourish, thus all life depends on the maintained of Ma’at. The Gods were once the guardians of Ma’at; centuries ago they sent kings and priests to maintain harmony in the universe.

At present, the Ma’at of Har’Akir is broken. The cosmic discord is palpable on the wind, crops are sickly and life is miserable. The last pharaoh to rule the Akiri committed such atrocities that the gods forsook the people and doomed the universe to a slow death. Without the presence of the Gods, Ma’at is impossible to maintain. In an attempt to cleanse the universe of Ankhtepot’s evil, the gods have unleashed the force of entropy so that this universe may perish and another might arise. With the royal blood extinguished, the only link to the Gods remains the priests. Led by the priestess Snefru, these clerics make offerings in the attempt to draw the attention of the Gods. It is the last hope of the Akiri that the Gods will show mercy to the people and return harmony to the world.

see also: Ba, Spiritual Beliefs of the Akiri.


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